Reasons To Buy Star Witness!

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Reasons to Buy Star Witness

  • It overflows with encouragement!
  • It cascades with hope!
  • It streams with honesty without intimidation!
  • It intelligently resolves the most pressing personal issues!
  • It confidently sets forth your identification with Almighty God!
  • It carries the disheartened across life's abyss right into the hugging arms of God!
  • It delightfully articulates and teaches some of the most awesome wonders of Divinity!
  • It leads sinners gently and capably into the dominion of righteousness!
  • It ignites profound purpose, vision, and upright destiny!
  • It clearly presents the Answer to earth's chaotic, and otherwise unresolvable dilemma of humanity pitting humanity against itself!
  • It answers quires by even the most intelligential, philosophical, sophisticated, governing, and affluent!

You Are Mine


Reasoning Questions Elicit Why You Should Buy Star Witness

If you answer YES to ONE or more of the following, you definitely need your own personal copy of Star Witness!

  • Are you feeling unappreciated, isolated, lonely, out of place, and not included?
  • Does religion turn you off, because …?
  • Do you have personal issues that need real practical resolve?
  • Do you need intelligent confirmation of who you really are?
  • Are you wishing for peace of mind, wanting to get rid of nagging failures, guilt, and shame?
  • Is your negative past stronger than your prospects of having a positive satisfying future?
  • Are you riddled with confusion about values, right and wrong, good and evil?
  • Do you want real honest vision and wisdom for your life?

Mystery's Wings


Logic Grasps the Power of Why You Should Buy Star Witness

  • It delivers contagious persuasive Spirit of God encouragement, faith, understanding, and wisdom!
  • It offers seekers of "Soul Fitness" involvement by divine purpose and realization for life.
  • It is the revelatory power of God's Spirit offering readers true life change!
  • It is the luminousness that conveys 3,052 concise verses delineated as 109 Prophetic Letters of Matchless Grace.
  • Its Prophetic Letters interpret, teach, and strongly encourage by conviction, truth, passion, and indivisibility.
  • The love of Christ exceedingly secures you in this world, and prepares you for the world to come!

Reasons are Experienced with STAR WITNESS