Image-Converters are Belief, Insight, and Fitness Attire

The Image Converter Arrests Your Attention so that You will turn to learn of Your Life's Righteous Pathway!

The Image-Converter is Christ Jesus who sets forth an awesome Epiphany that swallows-up your sense of self-worthlessness and purposeless denial. He substantiated your infinite value . . . your mind, body, soul, and spirit's pricelessness at Calvary! He arose from death's grave, and He now proves to you that you arose with Him in stunning holiness!

This Image-Converter cuts-off the evil chains that shut out your hope and joy! This Image-Converter resurrects you by His Sovereign power of healing and forgiveness! His unconditional love removes you from your life's living graveyard of emptiness and destitution! Jesus Christ seats you in heavenly places with Him in His Glory, forever!



  • I planned that My sons and daughters would live in mansions of gold and by streams of living water forever - so before your years began you were planted in My thoughts, weighted in My counsels, directed by creation's order while I formed you by My mighty power - and generously breathed into you, life - unforgettable life.
  • I arranged for you to experience My love in the silence of bright star illuminated nights by comforting sounds coming through leaves of fruitful trees, by cheerful birds singing songs of jubilee; and by quickening your thoughts with life's supreme revelatory mysteries, spoken and written by My faithful prophets of old.
  • I rooted you in My love with all skill and power equal to that which can, upon command, make a killer hurricane instantly still; yet I am so gentle with you as I graciously blend your will with mine; for each breath you take I cherish - I cherish them more than ten thousand lush valleys of laden grapevines, because your breath speaks to Me.
  • I know the roads of resistance you will select, and I know the pathways of Mine you will choose - footpaths where the feel of the imprint of your footsteps on moist soil will never fade, while angels witness the exact times of our meetings and remember the binding covenants of trust we gladly make with each other.
  • I have been delighted through the years that you allow My strong hands to touch and warm your shoulders, and that you allow Me to etch My love in your heart while establishing obedience in your mind through rivulets of fire orchestrated by My Spirit - instilling a life birthright, entitlement guaranteeing that we will never part again.
  • I always take the time to grow special flowers in My garden of grace where each one has been selected to grow and bloom at just the right moment for you to embrace - grace whose delicate aroma causes your breath to lengthen in a restful sigh of peace; this being another way that I seek your closeness, your life with Mine.
  • I am so pleased to give you the many years you are journeying, and even more so to let you journey this far on your way to Heaven's land, where I promise to pleasantly surprise you and please you as I unveil myriad gleaming verses and glistening chapters in memory of the wonderful times we spend together.
  • I agreed from the beginning that the multitude of trials that would obstruct and afflict your life on earth, be met head-on by giving Me an open door of opportunities to pour rich blessings upon you from which no power can ever stop their unfolding - turning trials into unforgettable victories - victories of our confluent hearts.
  • I take pleasure in knowing, before you are aware, who the people are to whom you will lend a helping hand as I heal them body, mind, and soul, the change in them can be seen with My love in your eyes; each instance shouting "glory" as your face radiates with promise as vivid as a brilliant rainbow stretching across a storm's cloudy skies.
  • I declared to heavenly hosts, before your existence, that you would cherish My goodness, and desire this goodness to flow wondrously from within, just like towering mountains whose sides cannot contain their vast springs of fresh cold running water on hot summer days to quench your craving hungering thirst again and again.
  • I obligated Myself with unrestricted love for you from eternity to reveal this secret in you - that during your lifetime you will honor Me, worship Me, give Me praise, and be an unwavering witness for Me to those who have not yet known Me, just as surely as the wide oceans and forested lands meet east and west, stirringly.
  • I designed you - I created you to be a holy gift of the most precious kind; that is why I can easily love you the way you are, as My Spirit is now blending you with Me - gladly imaged by My blest storehouse of blessings that will always honor you sitting next to Me in the radiant essence of My endearing joyfulness, everlastingly.



  • Lord, I wondered where all that I once knew had gone. I looked everywhere in the starry heavens and could not find the things that I had known. No longer could I comprehend what I could not find. So I searched throughout the heavens from east to west - from north to south; but no where could I find what I had known or what I had been.
  • I tried to remember the things of the past; the things that had been on planet Earth. I looked for a straight line and even a crooked line at best. Spanning the universe there was no darkness, only light moving fast. I thought to myself that there must be some speck of dust or some shadow somewhere that would remind me of the struggles that I experienced in the past.
  • I asked Jesus for the most powerful electron microscope ever known, so that I could examine the dimension of time. I thought that by tracing time in eternity I would find a speck of Earth within time's space, at least somewhere along that line. As I searched and searched, nothing of the former could I find, no matter how broad, or how deep, or how stretched layered electrons prolonged, or expanded, or contracted with time.
  • Continuing, I tried to track my past. I could hear, touch, feel, and see; yet I knew that there was nothing in me - no part of me, not any element of significance left - not even a dry leaf. Nothing was found as I had been. So, I took the electron microscope once again to observe from my birth (from my mother's womb) the effects that trials, temptations, struggles, genetics, and my decisions had on me.
  • I said, "Master; Teacher; Creator and Lord of all - help me examine the search of me if there is anything to be found at all. Lord God, Father of all - let me observe my brain cells, bone cells, blood cells, muscle cells, heart cells and every atomic and subatomic structure and impelling force that exists in me. For only you can provide me with a clear explanation of what really happened to me."
  • As I looked, tears flowed profusely; they were running down my cheeks. Everywhere, even in the most minute aspects of the cellular time and space of my being, I saw written all over me the precious inscription of Jesus' name. Now I know why I existed and why the former things on Earth consisting of me could not be found. It was because those things that were not found - did not have His Image, the magnitude of His glory inscribed in their dust, waters, air, or encircling winds.
  • All that remains in every dimension of my being is the memory that is reminded of this: ears that hear the sounds of praise like mighty waters are also the enlightened eyes of God's glorious presence on me bearing the knowing touch of His acceptance; feelings received and emotions given, bonding all together by the throbbing pulse of that intense light emanating from the nail prints in His hands.
  • Am I anything? No nothing! Jesus is everything, all in all. The very Image of Jesus is eternity in those in whom darkness has disappeared - energetic life releasing intellective pursuit, which inhabits Jesus' splendiferousness. It is only Jesus who takes the nothings and joins the nothings in Him by His shed blood. In His Image, each nothing becomes a resurrected intelligent glorious gem of Jesus' storehouse of abounding grace, resounding mercy, and infinite peace.
  • Comprehensible avowal declares that with Jesus there is no darkness, shadow, or turning away . . . for to be transformed into His Image of Light, Truth, and Way, is to be immortally raised up from death in Jesus' righteousness . . . a virtuous invaluable gem of praise speeding through the cosmos at will in this truth: His gems radiate His glory and are exhilarated with incredible joy as they discover that nothing exists that is not fully Imaged in Jesus' Name.
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    "The Image-Converter Makes Your Pathway Clear!"