As you know, Encounters with God have everything to do with Life-Fitness including your physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual being! This page of Life-Fitness Magazine focuses on Encounters with God . . . your spiritual nature and character . . . in concert with God's nature and character. I call this relationship the "Bridge of Spiritual Language Oneness."

This spiritual bridge is a bonding between you and Almighty God that has more to do with your "SOUL" fitness for eternal life-fitness than anything else. So-o-o, God talks to you, and you hear Him audibly, directly through your hearing sensory mechanism. Sure, most often God impresses your "HEART" in one way or another, but I am speaking of actually "HEARING" Him!

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Hearing directly from God, especially the first time, often makes it difficult to tell someone else about it, because it can be a very mysterious personal experience. However, when you treasure the "I heard from God" encounters that you have, His voice soon looses its mystic and it becomes in you a natural living relationship with His incomparability . . . the awesomeness of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • Spiritual encounters with Almighty God are not like UFO media reports or related movies in which subjects are stolen, used, or killed for evil's sake. Neither are Spiritual encounters with Almighty God as a Star-Trek episode which glorifies human intelligence, imagination, and human technological devising!
  • Spiritual encounters with God are "SOUL" adjusters, "Salvation" clarifiers, "Holy Mission" appointments, and myriad other activities which in one way or another underscore God's love for you and all humanity in His efforts to rescue all who will allow Him to help them! I will say, however, "White Throne Judgment Day" is coming! But first there is "Armageddon," God's final appointment with the nations of the world!
  • Sure, to "actually" hear from God seems to inevitably lack apparent credibility until you, the hearer, accept God's living language of inspiration as "well-founded"! This powerful, awe-inspiring action by God seems to persuasively result in you verbally admitting that you actually had supernatural communication with Him! And when you take this step, you are stepping into a higher level of godly living where it seems so easy to freely talk about the wonders of the Living Almighty God!
  • It is when you open-up to the point where you say to another, "I heard God speak to me," that you possess the courage and power to freely give testimony about this matchless "One" of intelligent communication! And, it is also at this point where you begin to develop a consistency and type of transparency about your spiritual life that was not there prior. Subsequently, "believability" by others around you develops to the point that they too want to "hear God speak" to them!
  • These same principles apply to those of us who also have "visual" encounters with God! I have only seen "Jesus" in dreams and visions. Of course He was seen by vast multitudes during the course of His ministry (pre- and post-resurrection). Other than that, I have never seen God . . . but I am always looking for Him, especially when walking along streams, rivers, swimming in lakes, gazing into bright billowing cloudy skies, or hiking in the mountains! I have also seen brilliant, powerful, shining holy angels who had been sent from Heaven to help me and others!
  • Significantly, I believe that God's communication with me is not only for me, but frequently for others, too! This is why I also listen to those people who say that they have heard from God, because God does not communicate with one individual, but with all who are willing to listen to Him! And most of all, I believe that those who actually "hear from God," possess a testimony that is consistent with the biblical Messianic Prophetic teachings that "Jesus Christ" is the resurrected living Son of God!
  • Such uninhibited personal testimony easily conveys stories about this Almighty God whose Sovereignty is the only Authority which rules over all existent visible and invisible realms! He alone freely offers forgiveness to all those who have a repentant heart regarding their rebellious life against Him! It is He who generously gives people, like you, the highest level of Life-Fitness that will never end . . . blameless, unstained, holy Eternal Life!
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    Have you ever heard God's audible voice? I have! It was March 1984, in the middle of the night, God spoke to me very loudly, audibly! I was truly terrified! He said, "Stand up and walk before Me!" What did I do? I tried to hide under the bed covers so that He could not see me! Crazy, huh? Why was I so frightened? Deep inside my soul I felt that I was stained and truly out of touch with Him! I had not heard His voice in this manner before this event! Sure, I had heard God's voice in many dreams and visions since about two or three years of age, but nothing like what I heard when I was 45 years of age!


    On another occasion, December 24, 1992 (Christmas Eve), I was gravely ill with a rare and extreme case of "herpes zoster's odicus" [chicken pox virus] which progressed rapidly through several of my cranial nerves . . . resulting in loss of hearing with extensive oral-facial paralysis and uncontrollable vertigo. I was alive with the thinnest margin of life in every way! Actually, my physical status made imminent death my reality, underscored by the fact that medical assistance in one of America's finest medical centers said that there was "nothing more that medicine could do for me"! I was sent home with plenty of comfort med's . . . attended by my wonderful wife.

    At 9:00 p.m., December 24, 1992 (Christmas Eve), God suddenly spoke audibly to me saying, "I am your Heavenly Father, not your earthly father!" (My father died 1 1/2 years prior and had been a physician) "I have come to heal you in the name of My only begotten Son, Jesus Christ!" My physical healing miracle occurred immediately! Within five minutes, I was completely physically restored to excellent health, and that was more than 16 years ago! What a truly awesome story! Our God and Father of all living intervened in my behalf! Praise be to His holy name! My love for God and ready communication with Him changed forever!!!


    Of interest to me and perhaps to you, when God speaks to me He always addresses Himself as "I am your Heavenly Father!" When you hear from Him, He may use the same words, or He might say, "I AM that I AM;" or "I am Jesus;" or "I am the Holy Spirit;" or He may use any number of names and/or titles as written in the Holy Bible.

    From God there is only encouragement . . . never criticism! He always elevates my thoughts and never degrades or humiliates me! He consistently reminds me that He loves me, my wife, my children and grandchildren, and all people in every nation! God has never told me that a particular church, denomination, or religious institution is the right way to Heaven! He has always emphasized, however, that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Door to righteous eternal life . . . to be able to live in His joyous presence everlastingly! Jesus Christ, Messiah, is the Good Shepherd who leads His sheep into green pastures for everlasting peace and rest!

    Have you ever really, really missed someone? That is precisely how I discover myself feeling toward God! Truly, God is my best and most trustworthy friend! In fact, I now find that I truly miss Him during the day and evening when other circumstances demand my attention!


    FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, I am going to share more of my auditory and visual encounters with God, as well as specific teaching, guidance, and instruction that I have been blessed with by our Heavenly Father.


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