Wisdom's Excellence is the Finest Bread & Water for Life-Fitness!


Treasures of wisdom are as bread and water defining the cathedral of life's fitness. Wisdom is the inspiring drawing power of your soul's intonation, your soul's distinguishing timbre . . . perhaps the trumpeting sound of your personage, positive qualities, but not an overwhelming pitch or loudness.

    DRAW MORE WATER illustrates, contrastingly, how wisdom is purposeful energetic bread and inspiration that draws water and shares it with others in an unobtrusive beneficial manner.

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  • Draw More Water and pour it into the hands of the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, the overlooked, and the unloved!
  • Draw More Water to cool the forehead of the famished, abused, and the forgotten!
  • Draw More Water and wash the feet of the unwashed, tired, and the struggling torn!
  • Draw More Water . . . lots of water, baptizing every soul in the freedom of Jesus' love!
  • Draw More Water that shares the guiding pathway to Heaven's Canaan Land of peace and rest!
  • Draw More Water and pour it out to heal adversity, brokenness, and the scars of every wounded son and daughter!
  • Draw More Water, big buckets full of godly love again and again . . . multiplied for the Nations!
  • Draw More Water casting some above and some below with eyes wide open to see My Light spreading rainbows of true promises!
  • Draw More Water, enough to sail to Heaven's shore where sails are the light of My Word rightly positioning you along life's way!
  • Draw More Water day after day, even throughout the darkest hour of your darkest night until your life's mission has been completed!
  • Draw More Water until you stand in the Eternal Glory of the New Jerusalem, the Holy City where there is no night and there is no sun!
  • Draw More Water until you move and have your being, knowing without a doubt . . . fully certain . . . that the water you are drawing is the "Living Water of the Son of God!"


The Grace of Almighty God potently inspires and saves from utter disaster the soul of all who receive Him! His Mercy is the bridge that spans the difference between eternal life and eternal death . . . attributing forever-life-fitness to all you who receive Him for an impeccable character!

    YOU SEEK MY FACE illustrates how godly judiciousness is an awesome power that money cannot buy and drugs cannot deliver! Godly prudence freely delivers health to your soul. With it there is no financial charge and there is no related debt, because it is freely given and freely received!

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  • You Seek My Face and I give you My unconditional Love!
  • You Seek My Face and so I enclose you with the refuge of My mighty arms, gladly gracing your entire being!
  • You Seek My Face and instantly the vividness of My Spirit stands up in the temple that you are . . . the light of Christ Jesus shining brightly!
  • You Seek My Face and the coffers of your heart overflow with the musical breath of wellness and wholeness!
  • You Seek My Face and the delight of my counsels fill your mouth and hands with the miracle of wisdom . . . you having given Me your heart and your life!
  • You Seek My Face and suddenly you climb to mountaintops where you have never been before . . . mountaintops with Me!
  • You Seek My Face and the wonder of love replaces hate and anger; hope replaces emptiness; faith replaces disillusionment and disappointment; joy replaces pain and sorrow; understanding replaces confusion; light replaces darkness; and the sounds of My Kingdom replace the sounds of the Kingdoms of the world!
  • You Seek My Face and you will not let Me go . . . I hold you firmly so you will not be afraid . . . and hereby your mind, heart, and soul declare, "we will never part again"!
  • You Seek My Face and so we come face to face . . . our eyes see the same thing . . . the blessed eternity that has been waiting forever . . . waiting for you and Me . . . and here we are . . . together!