About the AUTHOR

Look at this amazing rock formation! It truly seems to bring about focused balance with steadfast lifetime fitness ... displayed as though the upper portion placed itself in that position.

In reality, something else placed it there! Regarding this fact, it was only by great searing ice age action that this mystery stands mercilessly throughout the millennia of storms and time.

Words and pictures about the Author are somewhat philosophical, and also unmistakable. They express amazing vistas of the Author's life, even as they convey lifetime fitness.

Like the rock in this photo, Dr. Greenlaw believes that his place in life is due to his personal love for Jesus Christ and Almighty God's intervening authority and sustaining power.

Ronald Wellesley Greenlaw, Ph.D., was a Post-Doctoral Clinical /Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, with appointments in Neuro-Pediatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (Neurogenetics), 1991-1994. Dr. Greenlaw studied at the University of Maryland and Loyola University, with advanced neuro-behavior science training at Harvard University School of Medicine.

Dr. Ron Greenlaw has broad experience in Health Care Clinical Services Management. For eight years Dr. Greenlaw was Director of the Ron Greenlaw Family Gospel Music Ministry. He has been the keynote speaker for church-leadership retreats, having also preached interdenominationally in many churches. Similarly, His international travels include Europe, Asia, and South America.

"Dr. Ron," as many call him, is an author, photographer, vocal and trumpet recording artist, inspirational speaker, storyteller, hiker, gardener, and formerly a five miles distance swimmer. Christian Spiritual writing is his passion. Known as “Ron,” publishing books, music, poetry, natural and historic photography are some of his global outreach.

Dr. Greenlaw has been a California licensed Nursing Home Administrator (NHA), licensed Assisted Living Administrator (RCFE), and is currently employed full time as a California licensed Medical Speech-Language Pathologist - ASHA Clinical Competence Certified and ASHA NOMS Certified.

Dr. Greenlaw is married to his college sweetheart, Shandra Marie Sherrill (54 years to date). They have four adult children, thirteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Summarily, Dr. Ron Greenlaw, harmonizes his life with this motto and practice: "Possess and stir your desire and will to first love God, family, country, and humankind world-wide ... living to give more back, if possible, to each of these."

Dr. Ron Greenlaw is able to share a cascading wealth of wisdom with you as His insights are observed in 3,052 verses throughout the 109 Letters of "Star Witness, Prophetic Letters of Matchless Grace," as well as his latest publication 2013 entitled "ONE RIVETING HOUR IN HEAVEN". Several videos, photo images, and other inspirational writings are immediately available throughout this website, too. About STAR WITNESS