A Healthy Brain & Body

Vigorous brain health is directly related to and includes balanced nutrition, purified oxygen, pure water, strength of the immune system, new learning, right choices, proper exercise, rest, and healthy life challenges! A healthy brain and body equates to a more satisfying productive life!

The objective of this Blog is to be of a motivating and highly useful support that helps people around the world to confidently enjoy the attributes of their physical, social, intellectual, creative, and spiritual life potential with increased convincing dignity!

I was absolutely fascinated with neuroanatomy of the human brain from the very beginning! I will never forget the first day that my graduate Professor of Neurology at the University of Utah so skillfully enunciated what he called "Brain Power that swirls with commanding activity as if it were the Milky Way Galaxy!" At the end of that first class, I said to him, "Wow, the brain as you presented it is so interesting!" He then said, "To be interesting is one thing . . . to understand is quite another!"

Needless to say, I have studied the anatomy and physiology of the human brain, as well as having contemplated its wonders, for at least the past 40 years! Yet, it seems that my level of understanding stops perhaps where Almighty God's creative power began back in Genesis!

Never-the-less, the human brain's grandness, and the vastness of its complexities, makes me consider its multifaceted capacities from the perspective of the Messier Galaxy (reportedly 40,000 light years in diameter, and at least 12 million light years from Earth). Facts regarding this giant spiral galaxy are variable, depending on the Astronomy source. However, it is from this starting position in outer space that I will introduce some of the more "interesting" aspects of the human brain and its capacities when in a healthy status versus an unhealthy condition!

Jan 06, 2019

Life-Fitness Magazine

Conquer life-fitnness! Is life-fitness expectation one of those mysteries which positions the need to conquer quality of life fitness? Are your expectations powerful like an awakening?

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Jan 02, 2016

About the AUTHOR

Words and pictures about the Author are somewhat philosophical, and also unmistakable. They express reality regarding the Author's life. To obtain focused balance, it is almost like prophetic dance

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Dec 03, 2010

Natural Photography

Take a look at some truly inspiring Natural Photography in my photo gallery. Step into this life fitness realm of creative vision which magnifies the Creator of Lifetime fitness.

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Nov 17, 2010


Listen to powerful sacred music that cascades inspirating intonation into billows of holy intellection.


May 11, 2009

Encounters with God

Spiritual Encounters with God usually mean hearing directly from Him. But then it is often difficult to express such encounters to someone else, because it is a mysterious personal experience!

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May 10, 2009

Bread and Water

Bread and Water are as the constitution of life itself . . . inspiring wisdom that pours forth intonation with intellective heart assurance.

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Dec 27, 2008

Reasons to Buy

Reasons Why You Should Buy STAR WITNESS! This amazing Book is the supernatural manifestation of life's honest realities. Apart from the Bible, no other author of literary verse has been so expansively

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Dec 27, 2008


Seed-Changers are epiphanies that rotate perceptions and understanding until their inspiring seeds of wisdom positively affect your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

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Dec 27, 2008


The Image-Converter sets forth an Epiphany that swallows-up your sense of self-worthlessness and purposeless denial. It buttresses your mind, body, soul, and spirit with pricelessness!

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